The Pennsylvania Sportsman series is a family oriented show that centers on our family’s love for the outdoors and all that it has to offer.

The show’s producer, Ron Tussel, has spent a lifetime in the outdoors of Pennsylvania.  Since a very young age he has honed his skills as a hunter, angler, trapper and shooter.  He holds multiple certifications as a firearms instructor for the NRA, and has been an instructor for the Pennsylvania Game Commission for many years.

Ron has won awards for his outdoor writing as well as production of the television show, winning “Best Outdoor Television Show” from the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writer’s Association in 2002.  Having been a field producer for Realtree Outdoors, Ron has had the opportunity to travel around the country and work with many great friends in the outdoor industry.

Now the entire Tussel family brings their love and interest in the outdoor pursuits to the screen.  Whether hunting with bow and arrow, flintlock, rifle, shotgun or crossbow, floating the Delaware River for smallmouth or tubing some tiny farm pond for largemouths, smoking up a batch of eels or wild turkey drumsticks, digging wild leeks or gathering wild mushrooms or elderberries for jelly, this family does it all and takes the audience along.

We strongly believe in the wise use and conservation of our natural renewable resources.  The Pennsylvania Sportsman is more than just a hunting or fishing series; it is truly an outdoor adventure series that shares every aspect of an outdoor lifestyle.  We farm, we hunt, we gather and we share it all across the seasons so that everyone will find something among our material to their liking and interest.


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